Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why to Learn from Others’ Life, when we have our own??!!

After introspecting for a long time, I came to a conclusion that I should write this here.
After all, only some people will make their mind to speak out the mistakes committed in their life. Very few people learn from their past experiences.

Almost this has happened 1 year ago.
I have come from a small village where finishing an Engineering degree is a big achievement!!
So in this condition getting an opportunity to fly abroad is a "big Dream Come True" kind of situation for me.

This message has passed all over from my relatives to all my friends.
Everyone started calling me to say best wishes.
My wife started preparing Chutney powder, Sambar powder, Puliyogare masala, Pickles which would help me preparing the food easily in the other country. I also started getting the bag ready with shirts Ironed, getting the camera, browsing the web to get more information about that country.

However the guys who had travelled earlier to this country had given every information right from shampoo, soap to what is easily available and what is not available.

Meanwhile all the documents and other formalities were happening in parallel. I was excited and waiting to see the new office, new country, new people and all new things which may come in my way!! :)

I got a call from my office to attend a VISA interview.

UFFFF!! One more air trip within India before going to other country. OK, let me experience that as well..

The day came. Kingfisher Airlines threw me from Bangalore to Bombay.

There near the embassy we did not have a chair also.

“Come on buddy, this is my country. Your embassy building is in my country.
You need to respect me for at least that matter”.

 After waiting for 3 hours we were allowed to enter inside.
The room was silent, there were number of people.
After waiting for another 30 minutes I got my turn to attend the interview.
That was the first time in my life I got to attend a VISA interview.
It just looks like a Prison Cell, two foreign guys are sitting in other side of the Grills and I am this side.
Even a small insect can’t enter inside. Communication happens with the help of mike and a Laud speaker installed in that room.
I felt just like, I am standing in a court and some strict lawyers are there to ask me some serious questions.

Question came on my way: Saaantoosh (my name was pronounced in that way) why do you need VISA.
I wanted to say- What are you sitting here for??!!
 But I could not!!

For No Reason, My legs started trembling.
I just recalled what to say............without my control words came out of my mind.

"I Need VISA for Business Interviews!!!!"

OH................I couldn’t believe myself, what I am saying.
The only word, which that guy did not want to hear, has come out from me involuntarily.
At least for 50 times I had by-hearted what I wanted to say. But as usual, it was a flop show.

His eyes gone bigger!!, Asked me again "Business INTERVIEWS"??!!

I tried correcting myself "No sir, I wanted to say...I need VISA for Business Meetings..."

Again that question series continued,” What kind of Business Meetings"

He is very much sure that I am not confident. Even I too!!

That Interview was supposed to be finished in 5 minutes, but prolonged for another 20 minutes. He asked same questions 4-5 times.
Finally he sighed, "OK, You can go now, we will get back to you"

I knew 100%, what will be the fate of my VISA.

I could not say anything to anyone.

After 2 days I got a mail that my VISA application has been rejected.
Though it was not a surprise for me, I started saying everyone “Don’t know Y".
People who are unaware of this result started annoying me by asking "When are you flying"!!
For 2-3 days I just thought what and all happened.

I realized my mistake.
Very often we will forget our responsibilities when the opportunity comes our way.
We just go with the celebration and forget the actions that we need to do.
I simply wasted all my precious time by preparing for unwanted things.
But I did not think about the crucial things that can go wrong at an important stage.

If we look at great personalities we will see them only in action, but in case of celebrations they will sit quite, and leave the rest to the world.
But we will do the exact opposite of it.

This taught me a good lesson in my life.
My close friend and my manger told me just one sentence.
"Be sure that you will not make the same mistakes this time".

No, Never.

The same situation did not come to me later. I was well prepared.
I got my VISA.

I was just getting ready to take my flight.
My daughter came and hugged me, giving me a sweet kiss.

“Yes, it is time to look at India from outside world!!"

I told myself "Thanks a lot my dear life, for teaching me such a good lesson".