Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Relationship Started!!

Hey Buddy,

one more female entered my life,with Love. Of Course Lavanya(For those who dont know,she is my wife) might feel Jealous about it. I think it feels like i was waiting for this relationship for a long time. (un)expectedly!!,she came and thrown out all my sorrows. and i will going to forget all the other pains which are eating my head.

Yes Dude,

i am a proud father for a cute pinky PUTTI.

the female I am talking about is none other than my daughter, whom i call her as PUTTI.Lot to say hereafter about her. The first expression was like awesome. when she came out of OPERATION THEATRE first she saw me and my relatives. her eyes were bright seeing this world and even my eyes too....

for a second i forgot this world. i could hear HI PAPPA in her cry.according to me childrens will going to be so attached towards their dad though their moms give the birth.

what else i can say, A new world opened its doors saying me WELCOME.